Participant Criteria

  • Individual player

  • The participant must be an active university student that is registered in the faculty of either Natural Sciences or Social Sciences Major.

  • All college classes can participate as long as the participant is registered as an active university student.

  • Each faculty can send more than 1 player


  • The down payment (DP) of 50% must be paid after the registration form is given.

  • The full payment must be paid no later than the Technical Meeting. If the full payment exceeds the Technical Meeting, then the team registration will be considered a drawback.

  • If there is a cancellation of participation before the Technical Meeting, only 30% of the registration fee will be returned.

  • If there is a cancellation of participation after the Technical Meeting, the registration fee will not be returned.

Walk Out deposit

  • The walkout deposit fee is IDR 50.000,00.

Standard rule

  • The rules that are applied refers to PTSI

Other rules

  • Each team and player must have a high value of sportively when competing in The 18th FEB UI Cup.

  • The decision of the referee is considered absolute.

  • The decision of The 18th FEB UI Cup committee is considered absolute and can not be changed.

  • Participants of The 18th FEB UI Cup have agreed to follow all the rules and regulation that has been appointed by The 18th FEB UI Cup committee.

How long is the delay limit?

10 minutes

What kind of elimination system is used?

Single Elimination System

Where will the match be held?

Pusgiwa UI

How much is the registration fee?

Rp 100.000 for the registration fee and Rp 50.000 for the walk out deposit.

Do participants have to bring their own bat?

The committee will prepare the bat. Although, participants are recommended to bring their own bats.


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